As you can imagine, there is an immense amount of detail when providing  Luxury Home Cinema Services and TKG brings it all together with experience and passion.  Every characteristic of your theater is carefully considered and implemented at the highest level. It is the very reason TKG exists, Theo Kalomirakis known as "The Father of Home Theater"  surrounded himself with individuals who are first-in-class in their field to offer the ultimate in luxury and performance. Below is a summery of the most critical aspects and the team is always available to answer all of your questions or help you understand every facet you may be curious about.



The debut of the theater design includes Schematic Design; preliminary floor plan, preliminary ceiling plan and elevations. We then continue with the Design Development which encompasses a completed floor plan, a detailed ceiling and lighting plan and finished elevations. To present the design and concept to the client we prepare realistic three-dimensional renderings.


The second step of our architectural services are the Construction Documents. These drawings are finalized plans for construction including all architectural details. We also include the custom furniture design and details. Finally, we will prepare all of the finish and material selections as well as any proposals for decorative accessories.


To ensure a smooth project and be certain that all details are built according to plan, we will also oversee the Construction Management and Coordination with the client, contractors, and the A/V integrators. Our services continue until the project is handed over to the client.

Luxury-Home Theater-Architectural-Design-.jpg


The acoustic design includes many steps. The Sound and Vibration Isolation is the construction or the “shell” of the theater, as well we review the design of the audio system, the configuration and layout and we provide support to the A/V integrator. We will ensure that the interior Sound Quality is addressed, this includes room treatments. We coordinate these treatments with the aesthetic design, lighting, and audio/visual equipment.


TKG has experienced engineers on staff to address the Noise Control of systems; HVAC, lighting, electrical, plumbing, and audio/visual. It is important to supervise the construction and complete site reviews to ensure proper compliance with the acoustic design.


At the end of the project we will complete a final site inspection and perform Acoustic Testing. Some of the most important aspects are the finishing touches: the Calibration and Optimization of the theater’s audio system.



We have the experience and knowledge to make the appropriate suggestions for everything including: theater seats, custom furniture, wallcoverings, fabrics, drapes, carpets, and floor finishes. Our Turn-Key Service will also include sourcing applicable appliances and additional accessories.


The technical items such as lighting and drapery motors will be selected carefully to be sure they will easily adapt to the theater’s technology. TKG coordinates everything with the A/V integrator.


In addition, our specialized acoustic team will procure acoustic treatments and hardware for installation, this includes stretched fabrics, tracks and required blocking.


TKG designs exclusive theaters, therefore, we will source all of the architectural decorative elements, and marquee signs. We ensure the fabrication is complete during the manufacturing and that it is according to our design directives and detailed plans.


TKG sources, procures, coordinates, and follows through on all relevant items that are specified and designed for each customized theater. We ensure a complete project wherein the client simply has to open the door to the theater and immerse themselves in their new exclusive entertainment space.